Presentations that honor, inspire & encourage

Ceremonies & Programs

Visionary Artistry: Reaching across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries, Ann tours the USA supporting causes, special events & memorial services with her unique, soul-stirring presentations. 

Impacting audiences: Event planners & listeners alike, rave about Ann's sincere and heartfelt artistry in the way that she comforts, teaches, and inspires with her soothing voice, leaving a lasting impression. Scroll to find options for your next event. Read testimonials & remarks.


You work hard for us all! God is guiding you every step of the way! Thank you for your strong belief in God and Mankind! I thank you for sharing your heart!!!” - Johnny W. Herring, Jr.

— Veteran, Bexar County Constable Dept. PCT 4 Deputy · San Antonio, Texas Deputy Patrolman, Ret. Bexar Co. Adult Probation

For Vets & 1st-Responders & their families

Programs & Resources

For Those Who Serve & Protect

Explore the many presentation options for your event, church, or memorial service that honor & remember. You will also find support for individuals & families who know first-hand the price of serving in harm's way or under stress. 

Programs & resources for ministers & God-seekers


For the Spiritually-Minded

Explore soul-stirring presentations, ceremonies, audio-visual resources, and study plans for individuals & groups.

Outreach: Ann has shared her many creative works with churches, cell-ministries, prison programs, recovery groups & assisted living facilities. She has also worked collaboratively with honor guards & civil officials for special events. 

More Inspiration: Ann's additional resources include music videos, prayers & invocations, special spiritual ceremonies (communion & prayer services), short term & comprehensive study plans, and more. These are ideal for individuals during personal time with God or within the context of groups that gather to study and encourage one another.

Healing & recovery from illness, injury or addiction

Healing & Recovery

Injury, Illness, Addiction

Music & More: With the contemporary sounds of Blues, smooth Jazz & AC, Ann has sculpted special songs which authentically describe the journey of those recovering from illness, injury, depression or addiction; her content also addresses grieving and loss as well as gives support to caretakers.

Healing for the Heart, Mind, and Soul: Her message is one of hope as we find comfort in our relationship with the Spirit within us and with each other.

Moving beyond PTSD & Depression: Many of her videos also acknowledge PTSD experienced by those who have served in harm's way. Read more. 

Overcoming Co-dependency & addiction: Other videos such as "Tears Just Make a River," and "Dangerous," reveal raw insight into the process of recovery and spiritual growth. Her song, "Full a Tears," a semi-autobiographical Blues favorite, takes the listener on a journey from having cried many tears of grieving, fear, and even rage to tears of peace, mapping out her own recovery from co-dependency and the affects of domestic abuse. Ann is also familiar with the impact addiction can have on the entire family, having had a member who remained addicted for 16 years and who is now in full recovery.