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Reporting News vs. Creating Narratives


According to merriam-webster.com, the definition of a news reporter is: 

(1): a person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or television company to gather and report news 

(2): a person who broadcasts news 

The "Old School" standard of reporting would only offer the basics of a story such as "who, what, when, where." These days however, it appears that most news sources have become nothing more than opinion "about news," rather than a portrayal of qualified facts. 

Opinions, are of course, afforded by our First-Amendment, yet, in order to get actual news rather than just commentary, it has indeed become necessary to seek out a wide variety of sources.



When a station begins to utterly smear or discourage viewing of other networks, do some research on alternative search engines to find the funding source or affiliations of any news channel. Then, make your own decision about whether or not you want to limit or expand your information sources, based on your Constitutional values. We should always be concerned if the "social or political powers that be" attempt to limit the scope of what we can hear through smear campaigns, cancelling, and other anti-liberty measures. 

Main stream news channels do not need to be listed here since they are widely available via cable networks and apps; but on this page you will find a few additional, supplemental news and education options which can offer perspective with regard to  current affairs. If some of these channels are not available to you in your channel lineup, you can use the links to go directly to the platform website and subscribe from there to your preferred programs.

Note: The decision to list these optional stations here at this website is not a political one since Ann M. Wolf's allegiance is purely to Liberty itself, not parties. 



The Courage to Choose


It takes courage to step out from under social pressure from media, family, and friends in order to gain information, but it is a great way to exercise our freedoms according to the Bill of Rights. When our first allegiance is given to Liberty and our Constitution, rather than political parties, our path becomes clear. We are indeed free to learn and must do so with gratitude in our hearts for the high price that was paid for Freedom as we move forward in the preservation of Liberty which always begins and ends with knowledge.

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